Wasserburg in May

DSC_0448Wasserburg is a beautiful little town with a population of about 12,000 that is a scenic 45 minute drive away from us.  The name translated literally in English means Water-castle or Water-fortess.  It is located directly on the Inn River which is especially beautiful in May when the snow is melting in the Alps.


I love the narrow streets and the painted buildings.



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tirollercoasterHere’s a video clip I made a couple of years ago when we rode a cable car in Austria.  This Yahoo story made me think of it.  Starts slowly, but …… :-0

Another Side of Salzburg

crop 454Photo above was take from the bridge in the photo below.

river bridge 1
There are several large hills surrounding the historic city of Salzburg. Centuries ago they built fortresses on them protect the population. Most tourists make their way to Mirabell Palace and walk through the park and then cross the river and make their way to the famous Getreidegasse (English Grain Lane / Grain Alley.) Some will continue on and climb up to the castle and museum (seen at the top of the photo below.)  You can, however, take this bridge up river from where most tourists cross, and then hike along a ridge overlooking the old part of the city.

moving up vertical

You’ll need to be fairly fit, have a little extra time, and good walking shoes.  You’ll see a different side of Salzburg and take a path less travelled. Above is the view you will enjoy along the way.  To give you some orientation, here is a google map and I’ve put red circles along part of the path.  If you want, you can continue all the way to the Castle shown at the top of the photo above.

google map salzburgThe hike will be a bit more demanding than the map capture photo might lead you to believe.  Here are a few photos of the trails itself. (more…)

Neubeuern, Bavaria

Today we programmed our navigator to chart a scenic route to the historic little town Neubeuern, about 2o miles to the East of us.  It is very close to the Inn River and only 5 miles from the border to Austria.  It has a small but very beautiful and historic market square with typical Bavarian facades and a castle (now a high end boarding school) on a hill above it.  CLICK ANY PHOTO FOR FULL SIZE









Chiemsee Country Festival

We dropped by the Chiemsee Country Festival yesterday, bought a cowboy hat and checked out the American cars and the trucks on display.


Guitar Rig 5 — No Sound with Behringer Guitar Link



Guitar Rig 5 is a great piece of free software that allows you to play guitar through your laptop with emulated amps and effects, but getting it to do this caused me hours of frustration.  I looked through forums, YouTube clips, and general searches to no avail.  Finally I stumbled upon a solution, and after rebooting my laptop Guitar Rig 5 worked like a charm.  While it is still fresh in my mind, I thought I would share my experience in the hope that I will save someone else the frustration I had. (more…)

Oldtimers in Kössen, Austria

Testing my Aiptek 3D HD DV iH3 Camcoder

You’ll need 3D glasses to properly view these images.


I took these videos with my Aiptek during a music interview


WAKE UP AMERICA — let the sunshine in

This is a solar power plant in Bavaria (Bayern in German). It was constructed by Solar Frontier and BELECTRIC above the parking lot of a supermarket belonging to the Edeka chain. It will produced 340 kWp of electricity annually and save 230 TONS of CO2. Edeka has taken a further step for the environment and their customers by also providing a  battery charging station for electric cars.

Having lived in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, metropolitan Washington,  and South Carolina I know what it’s like to leave a shopping mall and return to a car that’s been baking in the sun for a couple of hours.  You would think that every shopping center would see this idea as a no-brainer —  your customers have a shaded parking space which  shields them and their cars from the sun and  inclement  weather, you profit from otherwise wasted space,  you do your part for the environment, and you improve your public image.

The parking lot power plant shown above is a couple of hours North of the small town where I live.  Here is a supermarket I can walk to.



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